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Kids Muay Thai Program

At York Muay Thai, we are passionate about fostering a positive and nurturing environment for our young members through our dedicated kids' program. Our program is designed to instill discipline, build self-confidence, and develop important life skills in children aged 5-12. With our experienced instructors and age-appropriate curriculum, we provide a safe and fun learning environment where kids can learn the art of Muay Thai while improving their physical fitness and cultivating valuable character traits.

What Makes Us Different?

York Muay Thai’s kids program offers students between 5-12 years old an excellent environment for developing coordination, applying team work skills and learning traditional martial arts technique. Each child’s physical conditioning and focus is challenged and improved through learning Muay Thai, and participating in active games with their peers. Call or email to book your child’s free trial class today! Also offered on Saturdays: Mom, Dad and Me Muay Thai! Parents can train along side their children every Saturday morning! A great way to get in shape and learn new skills while your child does the same!

Youth between the ages of 13-17 are welcome to join our Teen classes, which are 1.5 hours in length. Youth classes focus on strong physical conditioning and developing solid technique. Students develop confidence and skill through Muay Thai practice.

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Interested in Signing your Child Up For Muay Thai?
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