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Mixed Classes


The Warmup

A Mixed Levels class is open to both beginners (Yellow shorts) and intermediates (Blue Shorts). It consists of two portions: warm up and conditioning, followed by technical practice. A warm up will include skipping, body weight exercises (variations of push up, core work and squats), partner drills and shadow boxing. This portion is meant to push your body to its limit, while strengthening and preparing your muscles for training the techniques in the class curriculum.

Technical Training

During the technical portion of the class at York Muay Thai, students can expect to engage in a variety of training activities such as pad work, partner drills, and bag work. These exercises are designed to enhance their technical proficiency and improve striking techniques. Additionally, the class curriculum is thoughtfully divided to cater to both beginners and intermediate-level practitioners, ensuring that all students receive personalized attention and challenges that suit their individual skill levels.

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Weapon of the Month

At York Muay Thai, the drills during the technical portion of the class are thoughtfully structured around a "weapon of the month" concept. This means that each month will center on mastering a specific Muay Thai technique, with each week dedicated to honing a particular aspect of that technique, be it offence or defence.

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